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Spur Grommets

Military Specification (MILSPEC) grommets that meet MIL-G-16491 MS20230D (ASG)

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MILSPEC Spur Grommets
Pack: Model #: H71M-BRNO-GROM-ZS
Priced as low as... $40.50 Pack
Base Shipping Weight:
BRASS - Size 0 (1/4″ hole) Pack of 144 --------------1.00lbs.
BRASS - Size 1 (9/32″ hole) pack of 144 -------------1.20lbs.
BRASS - Size 2 (3/8″ hole) Pack of 144 --------------2.00lbs.
BRASS - Size 3 (7/16″ hole) Pack of 144 -------------2.20lbs.
BRASS - Size 4 (1/2″ hole) Pack of 144 --------------3.20lbs.
BRASS - Size 5 (5/8″ hole) Pack of 144 --------------4.00lbs.
BLACKENED - Size 0 (1/4″ hole) Pack of 144 --------1.00lbs.
BLACKENED - Size 1 (9/32″ hole) pack of 144 -------1.20lbs.
BLACKENED - Size 2 (3/8″ hole) Pack of 144 --------2.00lbs.
BLACKENED - Size 3 (7/16″ hole) Pack of 144 ------2.20lbs.
BLACKENED - Size 4 (1/2″ hole) Pack of 144 --------3.20lbs.
BLACKENED - Size 5 (5/8″ hole) Pack of 144 --------4.00lbs.

Quantity Level


1- 23 Pack 0%
24- 59 Pack 5%
60- 143 Pack 6%
144- or more Pack 10%

Military Specification Grommets - Made in USA

Approved, and in many cases, specified; Spur Grommets and Washers meet MIL-G-16491 MS20230D (ASG), are manufactured in the United States of America and meet with the latest Military and Commercial Specifications.

Made from solid brass and coated or plated. Spur grommets have spurs, sharp tooth like projections on the washers that penetrate into the fabric or leather they are installed into. The specially rolled rim on the grommet body then sheathes the spurs and locks them in place.

Spur grommets have much more holding power than standard, plain rim grommets. Use only designated Spur Grommet setting tools to set these Spur Grommets, as the profile and shape of these grommet dies vary from plain grommet setting dies, to accommodate and properly bend the spurs into place during installation. Sizes 0# through 5# are sold by the gross (enough grommet parts for 144 grommets).

Note: We also carry the much less expensive Plain Grommets & Plain Grommet Setting Tools

Note: Spur Grommets require designated Spur Grommet Setting tools or Spur Grommet Die & Cutter sets, sold separately, and can not be installed properly using standard, plain rim grommet setting tools & dies. - Specialized Textile Outfitters

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MILSPEC Spur Grommets

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These Grommets meet Military Specifications MIL-G-16491 MS20230D (ASG) and are made in The United States of America

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