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General Purpose webbing material, Strap Webbing, Webbing Belt.

Different types of webbing

American American Home & Habitat Inc. sells a wide variety of Webbing, strap fabric, ribbon, narrow textile, Fabric strip and belt material. We stock thousands of yards of narrow fabric including poly pro webbing, Nylon Webbing and grosgrain ribbon. We have a selection of Stock Straps and we also custom design and manufacture Straps from all Hardware and Buckles that we sell. Solid metal Grommets can also be installed in your custom straps, we carry Brass Grommets and Nickel Plated Grommets in 11 different sizes.

Need help determing proper webbing usage?: Common Webbing types and Webbing Usage Information

We also have grommet setting tools, all of which are made in the USA. Cotton webbing is available in a variety of colors and sizes. We also offer webbing made from naturally grown cotton fiber. We sell hardware and parts to make straps and dog leashes, sports straps and, boating, transportation camping straps, tie down straps, and many kinds of industrial straps and harnesses. We also carry military specification types and strap fittings for making many types of straps, web belts found on everyday items.

Nylon Webbing is the most familiar type of webbing but not the most used. Many people mistake Polypropylene for Nylon, but they are two totally different man made materials. The easiest way to tell Nylon from Polypropylene is to toss a short length of the material in water. Nylon will not float but Polypropylene will float on water.

Reflective webbing has many industrial, safety and decorative uses. We feature 3M Scotchlite™ brand reflective products. Reflective webbing doesn't really glow in the dark, but rather it reflects light from imbedded materials that have many tiny reflective surfaces that focus and reflect supplied light from many directions. Some of these reflective trim products have an aramid backing and are flame resistant and resistant to industrial washing at high water temperatures.

Technically speaking a narrow fabric or webbing is less than 12 inches wide, anything 12 inches or wider is considered a regular fabric. This material is so versatile that it would be impossible to name all the different products that it can be used in. But some of the more common domestic uses are in luggage and straps. It can also be made into cargo nets and harness assemblies. We also offer custom strap making services , we work with all the different types of webbing and hardware that we sell.

Scotchlite™ is a trademark of the 3M corporation

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