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We Boycott Amazon

Amazon destroys small business and exploits it's workers. Purchasing anything from Amazon
only contributes to Amazon's further domination of the internet marketplace.

Boycott Amazon - The job you help save may be your own.

Assurance of ethical business practice from
American Home & Habitat Inc. / Specialized Textile Outfitters

We don't buy products from Amazon, or sell any of our products or our manufactured goods on Amazon, or do business with any Amazon companies including Amazon Web Services, and Alexa analytics. We oppose Amazon's predatory and monopolistic business practices that are destroying small businesses and the American middle class. Our company is making a stand against Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

We hope to encourage other small businesses to do the same; the jobs you help save may be your own.

Promote Ethical Shopping - Things you can do to help:

1. Tell your friends and family to boycott Amazon too.

2. Shop at independent online merchants who don't sell on Amazon even if it takes an extra minute or two to search for them.

A winning strategy to help you search for independent merchants:
Find an item on Amazon that you like, then copy & paste the name and / or model number or description of that item into your favorite search engine, and find someone other than Amazon who sells the same item.

Consider the following:
Many times the prices at independent merchants are very close to the prices on Amazon, but you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are shopping ethically and helping build a sustainable economy with fair wages and good treatment of workers.

If you represent a small business, independent online merchant, or other organization that interacts with the general public:

1. display a Boycott Amazon logo somewhere on your site, like this:
Boycott Amazon Logo 58x179

2. Send out flyers with customer orders that inform people about boycotting Amazon and put a link on the flyers to a page on your website (or this webpage) to provide more information. feel free to use the same links to articles about Amazon's social abuses that are listed on this web page. Here is an example of a Boycott Amazon flyer printed on standard 8.5 X 11 inch paper, 4 flyers to a sheet of paper. (Looks very good on Goldenrod colored paper) Here is a Boycott Amazon Photoshop® Template (large file;13 mb) that you can use to make your own, customized Boycott Amazon flyer for your business or organization.

3. Add a signature to all of your outgoing e-mails that show the Boycott Amazon logo and your reasons for doing so. Boycott Amazon e-mail signature example

Good reasons for everyone to boycott Amazon:

We boycott Amazon because of the destruction that they are doing to the economy of the United States and the retail sector. Amazon has a policy of predatory business practices backed by huge amounts of stockholder money that is putting small companies out of business. Amazon intentionally sells & ships goods below cost (they lose money on almost every online sale) with the intention of growing market share, not taking profits from retail (they make their profit on Amazon web services - archived version).

Amazon's end game is to completely or nearly completely dominate every aspect of online trade, from retail, to business to business sales to delivery (Amazon is creating it's own delivery service - archived version) to finance (Amazon is creating it's own banking & credit institution - archived version)

While Amazon does hire a number of people in their warehouses, those jobs don't pay nearly as much as the jobs that were previously provided by small employers, and Amazon abuses their workers (archived version) and runs them ragged.

Our federal government is not currently prepared to combat Amazon's monopoly as the government's main law against monopolistic organizations; the Sherman Anti-trust act, (archived version) may not apply to Amazon's method of doing business; as this law was written in the early 20th century in the days of Rockefeller's Standard Oil, Carnegie steel and other "single market" monopolies; however Amazon is in a position to do far more damage today, than any of the Robber Barons & monopolies (archived version) of the 20th century.

Consumers and small business need to educate themselves and band together to stop Amazon before it's too late. If Amazon succeeds in putting enough small retailers out of business, Amazon will own the retail market and begin to price gouge consumers (archived version) in the absence of any real or viable competition.

More examples of Amazon's monopolistic, exploitive and predatory business practices:

1/8/2021 - U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs actively collaborates with Amazon to further harm small independent businesses already affected by Amazon's dominance in online retail. Government resources and authority used to promote Amazon and steer businesses to use Amazon's online retail platform.
archived copy: va-direct-access-program-amazon-business.pdf

Letter to Jeff Bezos from U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on the Judiciary (in lieu of a Congressional Subpoena) - asking Jeff Bezos to voluntarily testify before the U.S. Congress as part of an investigation into possibly criminal activity by Amazon, including perjury over Amazon using third party sellers' sales and customer data against them allowing Amazon to take unfair advantage over small online merchants. https://judiciary.house.gov/uploadedfiles/2020-05-01_letter_to_amazon_ceo_bezos.pdf
archived copy: 2020-05-01_letter_to_amazon_ceo_bezos.pdf

archived copy: amazon-accused-of-crushing-its-merchants-by-undercutting-products-with-its-own.pdf

archived copy: life-and-death-amazon-temp.pdf

archived copy: amazon-destroys-small-businesses.pdf

archived copy: amazon-monopoly-problem-antitrust-action.pdf

archived copy: the-dangers-of-selling-on-amazon.pdf

archived copy: how-amazon-rules.pdf

Amazon: Taxpayer Subsidies Help Build its Monopoly

A prime example of how the US Postal service is helping Amazon and Chinese companies destroy American businesses:

"Things will NEVER get better for retail and retail commercial property until HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of low weight taxpayer subsidized packages STOP coming into the USA every year from Asia. This scenario means every adult shopper in the USA is going to the USA retailers many LESS TIMES per year and that effect is killing USA based retailers, retail real estate, and all the supporting services anywhere from cleaning and building maintenance to retail summer jobs for young people. AND THE RECENT USPS POSTAL RATE CHANGE WILL ACCELERATE THE DECLINE ALL THE FASTER SO I CANNOT EVEN RATIONALIZE A REASON FOR THE STRUCTURAL CHANGE IN USPS RATE INCREASES ON 1/27/19 OTHER THAN THE CHINESE ARE COZY WITH USPS OFFICIALS or that USPS really works for LARGE ONLINE SELLING SITES THAT MAKE A LOT OF MONEY FROM LOW COST **** COMING DIRECT FROM ASIA.

For decades USPS had 1st Class rates the same for all residents (not zoned like Priority)-- 1/27/19 changed that. Since half the population lives by either coast, almost EVERYONE is in the highest zone and the recent price increases to USA users is MUCH more than USPS says they raised rates...most First Class packages increased at least 20% and USPS are LYING ABOUT THEIR INCREASES.

Asia on line sellers GOT NO INCREASE on weights up to 4.4 pounds while USA rates climbed a LOT and A HELL OF A LOT after JUST 12 ounces. Nearly all 1st Class packages from USA online sellers INCREASED at least $1.00 per package AFTER 12 OZ which is about the TOTAL paid by Asia sellers on Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba and every other selling site.

Almost everything in a Walmart is less than 4.4 pounds and can be sent cheaply to USA AND ITS ALL SUBSIDIZED BY USA RESIDENTS. Unless the house is cleaned at USPS, retail and all related jobs will quickly die in the USA. US Customs does not inspect these millions of Asia packages for counterfeit and unsafe products.

Start this video at the exact 1 hour no minute point for an eye opening story how an inventor cannot compete with Chinese copies and super cheap shipping.


(Click here to watch, if this video is no longer available from C-Span)

Problems with this is:

1) Post Office loosing hundreds of millions dollars EACH YEAR delivering these cheap packages (taxpayers left holding the bag making up for their losses and eventual USPS pension shortfalls)

2) Uninspected goods come in, many of which are in violation of intellectual property laws and safety regulations.

3) USA stores can’t compete- thus many previous full time jobs in retail have disappeared altogether or with lower paying and reduced benefit part-time jobs.

4) Foreign online sellers are NOT paying any sales tax, income tax, real estate tax, social security tax, or tariffs like the importers in the USA."
- J Mahoney

The following businesses pledge to Boycott Amazon, or compete directly against Amazon:

American Home & Habitat Inc. / Specialized Textile Outfitters
Manufacturers of Industrial Textile Products and distributor of Industrial & Military grade fabric and Textile materials - www.ahh.biz

Made in USA Forever fun way to buy products made in the USA by suppliers across our nations. Most suppliers are small, family owned businesses. - http://madeinusaforever.com/info.html

If you represent a small business and pledge to Boycott Amazon also, contact us and we will place a link to your company on this page.

Thanks - American Home & Habitat Inc. / Specialized Textile Outfitters

www.ahh.biz - Specialized Textile Outfitters

We also Have:

Distributors, Converters, and Manufacturers of Industrial Textile Products since 2001
  • We Boycott Amazon - We don't buy products from Amazon, or sell any of our products or manufactured goods on Amazon, or do business with any Amazon companies.
  • We Support the Right to Manufacture in America Act - A proposal for Patent Law Reform to bring Manufacturing jobs back to the USA
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