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Straps, American Made

Custom, American Made Straps from Webbing, canvas and other materials, Stock Straps, Replacement Strap Parts & Accessories

Information about Custom Straps and Slight modifications to Stock Straps

Minor Customer Changes include substituting types of hardware, increasing/decreasing length and other simple modifications that do not alter the stitch count. Additional charges for labor or materials may apply if hardware or webbing is substituted for a more expensive variety. Increasing the number strap sections or components, increasing the number of stitch points, special sewing patterns or modifications that contain any angles other than 90 degrees, snap or grommet placement, or any other  complex designs may require a drawing or diagram, and will incur a  prototype charge and/or design fees. We will contact you for approval before starting any work or charging any fees.

*Stock designs are open to minor customer changes without incurring custom Strap design or prototype fees.

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