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Luggage Strap

Available In Two Lengths: 65″ (165cm) and 77″ (195cm)

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Luggage Strap with Premium Side Release Buckle
1 Each Model #: M01A-PPPL-LUGS-XXXX-ZS
Priced as low as... $7.00 Each
Base Shipping Weight:
65″ (165cm) - 0.235lbs.
77″ (195cm) - 0.244lbs.

Quantity Level


1- 99 Each 0%
100- 499 Each 10%
500- 999 Each 15%
1000- or more Each 20%
Luggage Strap with Premium Side Release Buckle is available in these colors

Quality Luggage Straps - Made in America

These distinctly colored Heavy luggage straps will help keep your suitcases from popping open during rough handling. The distinct colors will help you recognize your bags on the airport luggage carousel quickly and easily. Get one or two for each piece of luggage. Made with our 2" Special Poly-Pro webbing and our Premium Side ReleaseBuckles. Ends of webbing are heat sealed for a neat look and to prevent fraying. Sewn with a Modified "box stitch" pattern on an industrial sewing machine with our Super Heavy duty Nylon Thread.

Available in 10 color options: Red, Navy Blue, Yellow, White, Pacific Blue, Orange, Brown, Grey, Dark Green, and Black.

Old Model Number: #AP200LSP

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