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Webbing Hardware, Buckles, Strap Parts & VELCRO® Fastener

Parts and fittings for straps, luggage and webbing assemblies

Many types of Hardware & fittings for Webbing Straps and Luggage.

American Home & Habitat sells Hardware for Webbing we also a Strap Manufacturer. We can make straps with Buckles Hoop & Loop Material Grommets as well as Snaps. We also carry a wide selection  of Hardware  for Webbing we have Side Release Buckles to fit 6 sizes of webbing as well as Specialized buckles for tool and utility belts. We have both Metal Cam Lock Buckles and  Plastic Cam Lock Buckles in the most popular webbing sizes. We also carry several  types of Snap Hooks including Military style Snap Hooks and Heavy Metal Swivel Snap  Hooks and Plastic Swivel Snap Hooks, we also carry Zipper Components to make your own zippers. Slide Adjusters, Cinch LocksLadder Locks , VELCRO® and many Miscellaneous Luggage Hardware , Grommets and Snap Fasteners are also available.

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