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Mesh Tarps

Design your own, Standard or Custom Specs. Made in America - For Tarps made from Vinyl, Canvas and other non-mesh materials click here

Custom made Mesh Tarps - You design it - Select features from online menus

Purchasing Information:

Custom Tarpaulins made from
Vinyl Coated Mesh

We offer Custom Designable Mesh Tarps, Sun Screens, Mesh Covers and Panels with standardized features.

On this page you can use the Instant Online Price Quote form to design your own mesh custom tarp or sun screen up to 60 ft. long and 25 ft. wide. It only takes seconds to obtain a FREE, no obligation, instant price quote on a vinyl coated, mesh fabric tarp based on the dimensions and features that you select from common tarp configurations via the easy to use dropdown menus.

after you receive your instant price quote, it only takes a few more mouse clicks to place an order for a top quality customized vinyl coated mesh tarp We accept all major credit cards. Typical lead time is 3 to 9 working days. Tarps under 180lbs. will ship via UPS or FedEx, tarps heavier than 180lbs. must be palletized and shipped by freight carrier.

We are full service custom Textile products manufacturers. We offer many other customized options for tarps and specialized textile projects; that for logistical reasons are not able to be listed on the drop down menus of our Instant Online Price Quote forms.

If you need a non-standard or highly specialized tarp; or textile product; take a look at our Vinyl Fabrication Services webpage. All we need is a simple drawing or diagram and a nominal deposit; then our Expert Textile Fabrication Specialists can provide you with a custom price quote for your project. All deposits are 100% refundable if we can not make your textile project.

Select from two quality Vinyl Coated Mesh products that come in a total of 15 colors.

For tarps made from Vinyl, Canvas and other non mesh materials, click here

The finer mesh is 0.75mm Polyester base mesh commonly used for sunroom and sun blocking applications. This material comes in 9 colors: Black, Blaze Orange, White, Royal Blue, Grey, Red, Beige, Bordeaux (Burgundy), and Forrest Green.

The coarser mesh is a 1.8mm Polyester base mesh that features fiber that is hot dipped in vinyl before it is woven, giving it an aesthetically pleasing, durable coating that is resistant to peeling. it comes in 6 colors: Black, Green, Grey, Red, Yellow, and Blue.

Heavy Gauge Solid Brass Grommets in a Choice of 2 sizes and 3 finishes (colors)

Choose the color and size of your Grommets. We offer two standard size grommets for our tarps: Size 2 with a center hole diameter of 3/8' (0.375 inches) and Size 4 with a center hole diameter of 1/2″ (0.500 inches)

Each size Grommets come in Brass Finish (gold color), Nickel Finish (silver color), and Black Anodized (dull black color). All of these finishes are heavy gauge solid brass base metal; made in America.

Note: these are NOT the cheap, flimsy, thin aluminum grommets found in 'off the shelf' tarps that you would get from your local 'big box' retail store.

Choose the Grommet Spacing for your Tarp

This is a feature you will not find in an 'off the shelf' tarp. We offer 7 standard grommet spacings: 6″ , 8″ , 10″, 12", 18", 24 and 36 inches  We also offer the choice of a tarp without any grommets.

 Most 'off the shelf' tarps have grommet spacings of 18″ or 24″. This may not be enough of grommets to properly secure the tarp, leaving large gaps and 'puckers' especially when securing the tarp to irregularly shaped items like: drilling rigs, boats, cement mixers, construction equipment and piles of assorted lumber and building materials.

Quality comes standard - Webbing Reinforced, Double Stitched Hems

All of our tarps come standard with double folded and double stitched Hems reinforced with 1.5 inch wide Polypropylene Webbing that has an 800 lb. tensile strength rating for maximum durability and grommet retention.

The weakest part of any tarp is the edges, by reinforcing the edges with webbing, you turn the weakest part of the tarp into it's strongest part.

With webbing reinforcing, grommets have more material to hold onto, and seams will not come apart at the edges; which is the most likely place for seam failure.

Other tarp manufacturers often do not reinforce tarp edges with webbing; because they know a tarp will wear out much faster without these quality features.

Our tarps may cost more, but they are designed to last longer than the cheaply made tarps you buy off the shelf at the "big box stores", and all our tarps are made in America.

Seams: Choice of  Double Stitched or Welded

Its simple to visualize: think about a ripping a piece of paper. Its a lot easier to start a tear from an edge of the paper than it is from the center of the paper. If you reinforce the edge of the paper by taking a length of tape and folding it over the edge, now its a lot harder to rip the paper from the edge.

This is the same for a tarp: if you reinforce the edges, the tarp is less likely to tear.

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