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Curtain Grommets, Special Large Sizes #12 & #15

Made for Especially for Curtains & Drapes - Sold in Boxes of 20 Sets. Individual samples are available, with choice of color.

Purchasing Information:

Grommets - Special Large Size for Curtains
1 Each Model #: H70A-BRXX-OGRM-NXXX-NA
Priced as low as... $83.55 Each
Base Shipping Weight:
Full Box of Size #12 Special (1_9/16″)------ 0.82lbs.
Full Box of Size #15 Special (2″)-------------- 1.27lbs.
*SAMPLE* (1 pc.) #12 Select color below - 0.07lbs.
*SAMPLE* (1 pc.) #15 Select color below - 0.07lbs.

Large Drapery & Curtain Grommets in four decorator colors.

Made specifically to work with our #12 or #15 Special grommet setting dies, used
in our bench mounted presses.

Available in Brass (Gold Color) & Nickel Plated Brass (Silver Color), Antique Brass
(Brownish color) and Blackened Brass (Black Color) to go with any decor.

Sold in BOXES of 20 sets.
Sets contain both: 20 each of Grommets and 20 each of Washers.
Samples (sold as 1 grommet and 1 washer) are also available with a choice of color.

Size #12 grommets will fit up to 1_1/4'' curtain rod.
Size #15 grommets will fit up to 1_3/4'' curtain rod.

Old Model Number:  # GSC01X

Note: we can not guarantee that these grommets can be installed with
grommet tools made by other manufacturers.

Please read Grommet & Tool Usage Notes

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