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Grommet Setting Tool Kits

In Sizes: #00 (3/16''), #0 (1/4''), #1 (9/32''), #2 (3/8''), #3 (7/16''), #4 (1/2'') - Standard Sizes

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Standard Size Grommet Setting Kit
1 Each Model #: T01A-STNA-GSKT-NXXX-NA
Priced as low as... $21.89 Each
Base Shipping Weight:
#00 (3/16″ hole) ---1.00lbs.
#0 (1/4″ hole)-------1.10lbs.
#1 (9/32″ hole) -----1.20lbs.
#2 (3/8″ hole)-------1.30lbs.
#3 (7/16″ hole)-----1.40lbs.
#4 (1/2″ hole)-------1.50lbs.
Master Kit - All 6 Sizes - 7.50lbs.

Quantity Level


1- 4 Each 0%
5- 9 Each 10%
10- 19 Each 12%
20- or more Each 15%

High Quality machined tool steel still Made in America

These simple Grommet Setting kits contains everything you need to set your own grommets. It is made specifically for the individual craftsperson who only needs to set a few grommets here and there. If you don't run a factory, Why spend $250 to $1500 on a factory-style, high production grommet press?

Comes with hole cutter, pair of setting dies, 3 dozen solid brass grommets, wooden "Table Saver" block, and easy to follow instructions. Hole cutter and die set are all precision machined from single bars of solid steel for durability; and will last many years with proper care. This is probably the Best small production grommet setting kit made.

For Grommets & setting kits with 5/8'' hole size through 1_1/2'' hole size: SEE LARGE SIZE GROMMET KITS
For Grommets & setting kits with 1_9/16'' and 2'' hole size: SEE SPECIAL OVERSIZE GROMMET TOOLS

Master Kit Contains all six standard grommet sizes. Comes with six different sized hole cutters, six different size pairs of setting dies, 18 dozen solid brass grommets (three dozen of each of the six sizes), six wooden "Table Saver" blocks, and easy to follow instructions. Each individual size grommet setting kit comes in it's own sturdy two piece fiberboard box marked with size kit that it contains.

Please read Grommet & Tool Usage Notes

The manufacturer of these tools has been in business since 1826; quality and function never go out of style. This Kit is ideal for: making your own luggage, tents, sails, tarps, shower curtains, belts and numerous other items. A separate kit is required for setting each size of grommet. Master Kit's Old Model Number: #GKSMS6 - Specialized Textile Outfitters

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