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Guitar Strap

Easy Clean, With Leather ends, available In ten colors

Purchasing Information:

Easy Clean Guitar Straps
1 Each Model #: M01A-PPPL-ECGS-XXXX-ZS
Priced as low as... $14.40 Each
Base Shipping Weight:
Standard Length - 0.21lbs.

Quantity Level


1- 99 Each 0%
100- 499 Each 10%
500- 999 Each 15%
1000- or more Each 20%
Easy Clean Guitar Straps is available in these colors

Same type of webbing used on many medical devices, resists growth of microorganisms - Made in America

Coarse fiber Polypropylene webbing is resistant to odors, dirt and oil. Cleans easily with mild soap and dries quickly. Real Leather ends, Standard length is adjustable from 32″ to 54″.

No added antibacterial chemicals; this coarse fiber Polypropylene is inherently more resistant to germs, mold and mildew than other fibers like polyester, nylon and cotton.

Available in 10 color options: Red, Navy Blue, Yellow, White, Pacific Blue, Orange, Brown, Grey, Dark Green, and Black. Made in USA.

Old Model Number: # SCT001

We Also sell Kits to make your own Guitar Straps

Other lengths of these straps are available, call us if you need a length not listed here.

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