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Grommet Setting Press, Bench Mounted

Hand operated. Die & Cutter Sets for installing grommets sold Separately

Purchasing Information:

Bench Mounted Grommet Setting Press
1 Each Model #: T01A-STNA-BMGP-NXXX-NA
Priced as low as... $170.00 Each
Base Shipping Weight:
Standard: dies & grommets sold separately- 22.00lbs.

High Quality machined tool steel still Made in America

This Grommet setting press lets you set grommets faster, and with less effort and
noise. No more hammering! If you set more than a few grommets on a regular
basis, then this bench-mount grommet press is what you need.


#00-#10 GrommetSetting Dies and Bench Mounted Grommet Press

#12 & #15 Special Die & Cutter Set and Bench Mounted Grommet Press

Constructed of heavy, Solid Cast Iron in true "old school" style, with machined
steel working parts for many years of dependable service. Designed to be
bolted to a work bench or heavy table. Comes with Nylon Cutting Block, and a
screw-on flat head (allows press to be used as an all purpose shop press when
not being used to set grommets.) Grommets, and grommet setting die and hole
cutter sets, sold separately. Each size grommet requires a different die and hole
cutter set.

Grommet setting die and hole cutter sets are available for grommet sizes:
 #00,#0,#1,#2, #3, #4, #5, #10 and #12 special & #15 special.

Old Model Number: #GPK001

Please read Grommet & Tool Usage Notes

* Note: die & cutter sets purchased before January 15, 2008 may not fit on the New redesigned bench mounted grommet setting press (grey in color). However, all die & Cutter sets purchased after January 15, 2008 will fit on both the grey redesigned model and previous models (black in color).

Note: Stainless Steel Grommets are NOT intended for use with the
Bench Mounted Grommet Setting Press
, Due to the hardness of these
grommets and the higher pressures generated by the press, which will result
in damage to setting dies
. Set Stainless Steel Grommets
with hand settting tools only.

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