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Plastic, Metal, and Special Magnetic Webbing Buckles, clips and closures, for webbing straps from 5/8'' through 2'' wide

Webbing Strap Buckles and clips for many applications

Webbing Buckles are used for many different types of webbing straps and on luggage, back packs, hand bags, and industrial textile products.
There are many different types of buckles made from a variety of materials such as nickel plated steel, Stainless Steel, die cast alloy
metal, and various types of thermo plastics such as nylon, acetyl, Delrin® and other polymers.

The buckles fall into three main categories latching buckles also called snap buckles because the action of the buckle involves a
mechanical latch or clasp of some type that separates into two distinct pieces, and friction / slip buckles which use friction or
pressure to hold the webbing in position, these friction type / slip buckles do not separate into two pieces. The third category of
buckles use holes in the webbing or strap to secure it in the desired location or length

The best example of the latching type buckle is the Side Release Buckle, a good example of the friction / slip buckle is the
cam lock buckle and a variation on the cam lock buckle, the spring loaded cam lock buckle.

The type of buckle for each application is determined by the weights and loading on the strap, heavier loads or devices that are
meant to protect human safety often require metal buckles that can handle that weight. Please note that although a buckle may be
rated for many times more weight capacity than the human load you may be designing for, shock loads encountered when the load
free falls, even less than 5 feet can produce shock loads that will exceed the stated weight capacity for the buckle. For safety, only
use buckles and other strap and line hardware that are intended for life safety or climbing.

The heavier metal buckles that we carry are often used for tie down straps and lashing straps, care should also be taken not to
overload the buckles in these applications as well.

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