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Printed Catalog Number 4.2

Available in Standard & Deluxe Editions with Fabric, Canvas, Webbing Samples

Printed Catalogs of AH&H Products

The Deluxe Version of this catalog includes samples of all of our Fabric, Mesh, Vinyl and Webbing

Note: There are absolutely no returns on samples, swatch books, or catalogs!

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Product Information and Discounts

Product Name:
Printed Catalog Number 4.2

Model No. / Shipping Weight
Regular Version (No Samples)-----T07A-NANA-CTLG-0042-RG
0.625 lbs. (0.28 kg)
Deluxe Version (WITH Samples)---T07A-NANA-CTLG-0042-DX
2.375 lbs. (1.07 kg)
Hardware Model Numbers were updated January 2016

Product Specifications

  • No Minimum Order Quantity
  • Quantity Discounts are available
  • Products that are in stock in our warehouse can ship the same day.

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