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1'' (25mm) Flat Snap Hooks

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Flat Snap Hooks for 1″ webbing
1 Each Model #: H91A-STBA-FLHO-XXXX-ZS
Priced as low as... $4.62 Each
Base Shipping Weight: 0.07 lbs. / Each

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1- 99 Each 0%
100- 499 Each 20%
500- 999 Each 25%
1000- or more Each 40%

Commercial Version of a Military Hardware Item

These Flat Snap Hooks are designed for strap applications that need snag-resistant hardware. Low profile flat design helps eliminate snag points and reduces open space required at attachment point. Black Anodized finish reduce visibility and helps prevent corrosion. Concealed Spring shackle mechanism with thick, formed sheet metal latch, on steel rivet pin for flawless operation. Not intended for life safety devices.

Size, Old Model # , Dimension

(L) Length
1.0" (#FSH100) 2.025"

(W) Width
1.0" (#FSH100) 1.305"

(SMT) Sheet Metal Thickness
1.0" (#FSH100) 0.155"

(MHO) Maximum Hook Opening
1.0" (#FSH100) 0.400"

All Sizes are +- 0.005" - Specialized Textile Outfitters

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