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Gnarly Wraps™ Extreme Outdoor
Reusable Hose & Cable Protector Sleeves

For Serious UV protection of your hoses and cables - Constructed of CSM Advanced Elastomer Composite Material (Hypalon®)

Gnarly Wraps™ Extreme Outdoor - Reusable Hose & Cable protector Sleeves - Made in America from CSM Elastomer (Hypalon®)

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Gnarly Wraps™ Extreme Outdoor
Reusable Hose & Cable Protector Sleeves -
Made from CSM Elastomer (Hypalon®)

For Extreme Outdoor conditions and UV resistance

Download Gnarly Wraps™ Specification sheet PDF

Gnarly Wraps™ Extreme Outdoor Series Hose and Cable Protection Systems offer the highest available outdoor UV protection available for your critical and high value hoses and cables. Constructed from CSM Elastomer material (HYPALON®) the same type of material used in construction of US Navy SEAL CRRC inflatable boats.

Made in USA to order, lengths totaling under 500 feet usually ship in 1 - 2 business days.

Items made with this CSM Elastomer material have been known to last decades outdoors, in full southern exposure sunlight, without any significant degradation.

Reusable Closure the Gnarly Wraps™ Extreme Outdoor Series Features Genuine Industrial grade VELCRO® MVA#8, designed for outdoor conditions and superior UV resistance. Stitched with Genuine GORE-TEX® TENARA® which is guaranteed by the manufacturer to outlast the fabric it is sewn into.

Gnarly Wraps™ Extreme Outdoor Series Hose and Cable Protection Systems are made from the finest UV resistant materials available. Engineered for use on your most critical and high value hoses and cables that must be left outdoors and constantly exposed to UV radiation. Perfect for rooftop, tower or marine applications, or where maintence or replacement of cables or hoses is costly or problematic.

Gnarly Wraps™ provide excellent protection of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and delicate cables prone to abrasion and chafing. Made in America.

Our open wrap, 'peel able' design makes installation fast and easy, without requiring disconnection or removal of cables and hoses. Cuts labor costs significantly compared to old tube type abrasion sleeves. This post assembly feature of Gnarly Wraps™ helps eliminate costly maintenance and downtime of your machinery and equipment by reducing hydraulic system contamination and wear and tear on connectors and terminals that is prone to happen during removal and replacement required for older, tube type sleeves.

Stock sizes of 1'' ID through 2.5 inch Inner Diameter in common footage lengths to accommodate 98% of industrial line applications can be ordered online using our convenient online purchasing form above. For custom lengths and widths of almost any size; to the fraction of the inch or millimeter, call or e-mail us with your specifications. Prices for custom sizes are comparable to the prices for the nearest stock sized product, with no additional charges for custom design or sizing.

Custom shaped Gnarly Wraps™ hose safety sleeves that can fit over flanges, ferrules, valves, line splitters and other hose and cable appliances and features can also be manufactured to your specifications, but may require you to submit a diagram or drawing showing the dimensions of the special shapes encountered in the design. Additional charges for custom design or sizing may be accessed for special shapes, such as tapers, bulges, box shapes and other designs that do not have a constant width. Can be made to your specifications, either peel open design or closed, fitted.

Allow bundling and forced routing of multiple lines

Reduces or eliminates the need for disposable plastic cable ties that can cause damage to lines

Multiple hoses or cables can be enclosed in a single wrap with each line afforded independent motion

Improves appearance of equipment by concealing the clutter of hoses and cables

Reliable in extreme temperatures from -60 F to 225F

Available up to 80 ft. long and can be cut to fit with regular scissors.

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