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Ladder Locks & Cinch Locks for Webbing Straps

Also called Strap Adjusters and offer non-locking methods of quickly adjusting the size of straps with a quick, one handed pull

A convenient hardware solution for tightening a webbing strap by simply pulling the loose end.

Ladder locks are most commonly used and most well known for their use on backpacks as the little plastic strap hardware piece that allows you to adjust the tightness of the shoulder straps of your back pack simply by pulling or tugging on the loose ends of the straps that hang down under your arms. Cinch locks work almost the same way but they have a floating set of metal teeth that allow them to lock onto the webbing with more force and can't be as easily loosened by simply flipping them up to allow the webbing to slip back out like a ladder lock.

The cinch locks because of the moving part that requires more strength, only come in metal, but ladder locks come in both metal and plastic, we also carry MILSPEC ladder locks made of metal.

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