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Cinch Locks for Webbing Straps

Nickel Plated Steel, in sizes  3/4'' (19mm), 1'' (25mm)

Purchasing Information:

Cinch Locks,*NICKEL* Plated Steel
1 Each Model #: H41A-STNI-CNLC-XXXX-ZS
Priced as low as... $0.50 Each
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1- 99 Each 0%
100- 499 Each 40%
500- 999 Each 45%
1000- or more Each 50%

Easy to adjust Strap adjuster hardware - Also called Sliding Bar Webbing Cinch

Constructed of heavy gauge stamped, formed sheet steel with Silver colored, Nickel Plating for corrosion resistance Cinch locks are similar in function to ladder locks but are more resistant to slippage when subjected to motion. The toothed sliding bar on these cinch locks is engaged when the webbing is tensioned. Increasing the tension on the webbing, increases the pressure on the sliding bar making it lock the webbing even tighter. Pulling on the other end of the webbing disengages the sliding bar and allows the webbing to be pulled freely in the opposite direction. Good for applications where straps must be removed or re-adjusted often. Not intended for life safety devices.

Product Data:

Overall length:
Size, Old Model #, Length
3/4" (#LCN075)...1_3/16
1"    (#LCN100)...1_3/8

3/4" (#LCN075)...1_1/8
1"    (#LCN100)...1_3/8

Overall Thickness
3/4" (#LCN075)...1/8
   1" (#LCN100)...3/16

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