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Large Grommet Setting Tools

Tools for setting large grommets with hole sizes of 5/8 inch (15.8mm), 13/16 inch (20.6mm), 23/32 inch (23.0mm), 1 3/32 inch (27.7mm), 1 1/2 inch (38.1mm) into fabric and leather

Large Grommet Setting Tools

High Quality machined tool steel still Made in America

This simple kit contains everything you need to set your own grommets. It is made specifically for the individual craftsperson who only needs to set a few grommets here and there. If you don't run a factory, Why spend $250 to $1500 on a factory-style, high production grommet press, plus $500 to $800 on oversize setting dies?

All kits Come with hole cutter, pair of setting dies and easy to follow instructions

Size 5 and Size 6 each come with one dozen sets of Brass Plain Rim Grommets (12 grommets + 12 washers).

Size 7 and Size 8 each come with one dozen sets of Brass Spur Grommets (12 grommets + 12 washers) .

Size 10 comes with Twenty sets of Brass Spur Grommets (20 Grommets + 20 Washers).

All Hole cutter and die set are all precision machined from single bars of solid steel for durability; and will last many years with proper care. These are probably the Best small production Large Size Grommet Setting Kits made.

The manufacturer of these tools has been in business since 1826; quality and function never go out of style. This Kit is ideal for: making your own luggage, tents, sails, tarps, shower curtains, belts and numerous other items. A separate kit is required for setting each size of grommet. Note: Spur Grommets are the type of grommets that employ small pointed tabs on the washers which help prevent the fabric from working itself off with these extremely large size grommets.

For Grommet setting kits from 3/16 inch holes size through 1/2 inch hole size: SEE STANDARD SIZE GROMMET KITS

For Grommet setting kits from 1_9/16 inch hole size & 2 inch hole size: SEE SPECIAL OVERSIZE GROMMET TOOLS

Master Kit Contains all Five Oversize Grommet Kits with contents Listed above.

Please read Grommet & Tool Usage Notes

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Product Information and Discounts

Product Name:
Large Grommet Setting Tool Kit

Model No. / Shipping Weight
(Size 5) 5/8″ holeT01A-STNA-LGSK-N005-NA
3.20 lbs. (1.44 kg)
(Size 6) 13/16″ holeT01A-STNA-LGSK-N006-NA
4.80 lbs. (2.16 kg)
(Size 7) 29/32″ holeT01A-STNA-LGSK-N007-NA
4.90 lbs. (2.21 kg)
(Size 8) 1 1/16″ holeT01A-STNA-LGSK-N008-NA
5.00 lbs. (2.25 kg)
(Size 10) 1 1/2″ holeT01A-STNA-LGSK-N010-NA
8.00 lbs. (3.6 kg)
Master Kit All 5 SizesT01A-STNA-LGSK-NMK2-NA
21.20 lbs. (9.54 kg)
Hardware Model Numbers were updated January 2016

Quantity Discounts:
1- 4 Each0%
5- 9 Each10%
10- 19 Each12%
20- or more Each15%

Product Specifications

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  • Quantity Discounts are available
  • Products that are in stock in our warehouse can ship the same day.

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