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American Home & Habitat Inc.

Specialized Textile Outfitters™

Our Philosophy:

"We live in an increasingly mobile world,
and all that fancy, gear and equipment
you may have, is totally useless; unless
you can carry it where it needs to go
and get it there in one piece.

Mission Statement:

We at American Home & Habitat strive to support the individual American craftsperson who seeks quality materials, to build the cases and bags that keep people mobile.

A Message from the founder of American Home & Habitat:

Sometimes you just can't find the mobility solution you need "off the shelf". I understand that situation because I've been there a quite few times myself. My company offers a range of products and materials that allow you to make your own Bags, Cases, and Packs;  exactly the way you need them.

Duffel Bags
Musical Instrument Cases
Duty Belts
Cargo Straps
Gun & Ammo Bags, Belts & Cases
Laptop Computer Cases
Police, Fire & EMT Bags
Military type Bags
Survival Gear Bags
Hunting & Fishing Bags
Tool Bags
Make-up bags.
Camera Bags
Carpenter's Belts & Pouches
Day Planners and Organizers
Sports Bags.
Camping & Hiking Bags
Whatever type of mobility solution you need !
If you don't see it here....Ask.

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