SXSW Interactive
held in Austin, Texas, March 7 - 11, 2014"/>
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Pictures from SXSW Interactive
held in Austin, Texas, March 7 - 11, 2014

South by Southwest Festival, Technology Trade Show & Expo

SXSW 2014

SXSW-2014, take a walk with us at South by Southwest Interactive

SXSW-2014, register for sessions

SXSW-2014, Welcome to SXSW 2014

SXSW-2014, Interactive Shuttle bus at SXSW 2014

SXSW-2014, The Green Room

SXSW-2014, laptop campers in the hallways at sxsw 2014

SXSW-2014, near one of the food areas at the Austin Convention Center during SXSW 2014

SXSW-2014, veiw from upper floor of Neal Kocurek Memorial Austin Convention Center during South by Southwest festival 2014

SXSW-2014, Home Room with Amanda O'Brien, A graphic Artist from Austin Texas, and Alix Morrow, founder of Alix Company

SXSW-2014, The New Digital Age,  Featured Session with Levy, Schmidt, and Cohen

SXSW-2014, questions from the audience, The New Digital Age

SXSW-2014, Poster hangers on stilts

SXSW-2014, a remote controlled robot sidewalk greeter

SXSW-2014, Brivo labs at their trade show booth

SXSW-2014, A Virtual Conversation with Julian Assange

SXSW-2014, Bitcoin & Math Based Currencies Road to $100 BN

SXSW-2014, A Conversation with Dr. Neil deGrassse Tyson, Keynote speaker

SXSW-2014, A Conversation with Dr. Neil deGrassse Tyson, Keynote speaker, a broader view

SXSW-2014, the entrance to the floor of the trade show portion

SXSW-2014, Server Challenge II game

SXSW-2014, Makerbot 3-D printing booth at the trade show

SXSW-2014, Michigan College of Engineering booth

SXSW-2014, Some sort of game with a fan, beach balls, and a paddle

SXSW-2014, Taylor Guitars booth

SXSW-2014, Sweeden@SXSW 2014

SXSW-2014, Hackist's Tread the Moon

SXSW-2014, ACLU doing the hard work of defending liberty and rights in America

SXSW-2014, Reinvent the Wheel bicycles

SXSW-2014, Skeletonics robot bone rig with straps, utilizing buckles, d-rings, webbing, strap adjusters and other hardware

SXSW-2014, Vinylrecorder makes records on vinyl records, like in the 'old days', from Germany

SXSW-2014, BitPay booth helping to spread the BitCoin revolution

SXSW-2014, NASA booth, looking for the next generation of Rocket Scientists

SXSW-2014, Some people from Zurf posing for a photo-op

SXSW-2014, the StartOut booth, a representative of LGBT entrepreneurs community


SXSW-2014, A view from the escalator in the Austin Convention Center while SXSW Interactive was in full swing

SXSW-2014, Take the seat of a New Chevy Corvette, Chevrolet was a major sponsor at SXSW 2014

SXSW-2014, A lone artist, one of Austin Texas' thriving community of Artists and Musicians; hand paints a detailed portrait for an adverting campaign

SXSW-2014, A captivated audience at Featured Session: Snowden 2.0: A Field Report from the NSA Archives" presented by Barton Gellman and Cory Doctorow

SXSW-2014, a shot of the audience a few minutes before main event

SXSW-2014, Official SXSW Photographers and Event Staff prepare for the main Event

SXSW-2014, Arguably the most important and anticipated event of SXSW 2014, A Virtual Conversation with Edward Snowden" via Google Hangouts, hopped through 7 proxy servers, from an undisclosed location, presumably somewhere in the Russian Federation.

SXSW-2014, an interview with an attendee of SXSW during the ensuing media circus before, during, and after the Edward Snowden simulcast

SXSW-2014, One of countless Weird sights to be behold in Austin; a mobile bar sponsored by Yahoo! that apparently serves beer to the customers that power this vehicle by pedaling it down the road, steered (of course) by a non-imbibing driver.

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