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1.25″ (32mm) Belt Tips for Military Web Belt


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MILSPEC Belt Tips For 1.25″ Webb Belt MIL-B-1963 TY1
1 Each Model #: H91A-STSP-BELT-x-ZS
Priced as low as... $0.69 Each
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1_1/4″ Brass Finish ....0.01lbs.
1_1/4″ Nickel Finish ....0.01lbs.
1_1/4″ Black Anodized0.01lbs.

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1- 99 Each 0%
100- 499 Each 20%
500- 999 Each 25%
1000- or more Each 40%

Official Issue belt tips for webbing belts

Plated Steel MILSPEC Belt tips for Military uniform web belts. Stamped Steel sheet metal with eight gripping teeth hold onto webbing and make a neat belt tip that won't fray and can be easily threaded into a military belt buckle. Available in Brass Plated, Silver Nickel Plated, and Black Anodized (Black Drab).

Easy to install onto webbing without special tools: Make sure webbing is cut perfectly square, this will help you align the tip properly. Simply insert webbing fully into the tip until it touches the inside corner, evenly squeeze closed by hand until the teeth grip the webbing in place, Make sure the tip is properly aligned and the webbing is straight before proceeding, then carefully compress (not hammer) between any flat, non abrasive objects; the sole of a boot works well, with a piece of cardboard on the floor, to prevent scuffing the finish. Compress the entire surface evenly, but also be sure not to compress too much. It is best to compress a little at a time, checking after each slight compression, to see the if tip has been fully closed. Avoid hammering or compressing too much as this will cause flattening of the curved side edges, making them stick out too wide, preventing the tip from being threaded easily into the buckle.

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