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Stainless Steel Grommets

In Sizes: #00 (3/16''), #0 (1/4''), #1 (9/32''), #2 (3/8''), #3 (7/16''), #4 (1/2'')

Purchasing Information:

1 Dozen Model #: H70A-SSNO-GROM-0000-SP
Priced as low as... $5.40 Doz.
Base Shipping Weight:
Size 00 (3/16″ hole) ---0.06lbs.
Size 0 (1/4″ hole)-------0.07lbs.
Size 1 (9/32″ hole) -----0.09lbs.
Size 2 (3/8″ hole)-------0.13lbs.
Size 3 (7/16″ hole)-----0.16lbs.
Size 4 (1/2″ hole)-------0.18lbs.

Quantity Level


1- 23 Doz. 0%
24- 59 Doz. 15%
60- 143 Doz. 20%
144- or more Doz. 25%

Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Eyelets (Grommets). Made in America

Stamped and swaged from heavy gauge Stainless Steel sheeting for supreme weather and corrosion resistance. Stainless Steel is harder and more durable than plated brass.

These grommets (eyelets) are specially heat treated to reduce the inherent hardness and thus brittleness of untreated Stainless Steel; making the piece more ductile. When grommets are set using either a press or hand tools, the metal of the grommet is being exposed to high levels of bending, impact, and stretching forces that have a tendency to crack un treated stainless steel.

The Bottom Line: these grommets are stronger, harder and more corrosion resistant than both solid brass and nickel plated brass grommets, but are slightly softer than un treated stainless steel making them easier to install without need of a hydraulic press.

These grommets are designed to be used with Hand Setting Kits Only; we can not guarantee that these grommets will work with grommet tools made by other manufacturers. Sold in sets of 1 dozen (enough grommet parts for 12 grommets). 12 sets of a dozen (1 gross = 144) to a full box.

Ideal for marine, shore and sea side applications, tarps and straps were constant exposure to salt water and salt spray is likely, industrial applications where corrosive chemicals are present, outdoor signs and banners designed for prolonged outdoor use.

Please read Grommet & Tool Usage Notes

Note: Stainless Steel Grommets are NOT intended for use with the
Bench Mounted Grommet Setting Press
, Due to the hardness of these
grommets and the higher pressures generated by the press, which will result
in damage to setting dies
. Set Stainless Steel Grommets
with hand settting tools only.

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