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Custom Straps

Design, Evaluation and Prototype Manufacturing Services - All straps Made in America

Custom Straps Overview of Products and Services - "1 strap or 50,000 straps"

We specialize in quick turn-around with an average lead time of 3,000 straps per business day. We also accommodate larger orders with greater lead and set-up times. Same day, Next Day Shipping is available on some orders at additional cost.

We can custom fabricate nearly any type of strap using any of the webbing, hardware, grommets, and components shown on our website. If you don't see the hardware, webbing or components you need, we can special order them!

We sew straps on modern Industrial "walking foot" sewing machines as well as programmable, automated sewing machines, with Industrial Nylon thread. Thread types such as Kevlar® , Nomex® and others are available upon request. We can also make canvas straps with leather ends and straps from most of the fabric we sell, Waterproof vinyl straps, and straps made from mesh for projects that require air circulation.

Hardware, buckles and specialized rings not listed on our website can be special ordered with a minimum order, or can be provided by customers.

Consultation and design fees may be accessed if your design is unclear or impractical, and/or if your original design requires significant re-engineering by our staff. You will be notified if there will be any design or consultation fees for your project, before any work is done. We make every attempt to avoid modifying customers' designs and charging design & consultation fees.

General Instructions for submitting diagrams for Custom Straps:

* Please fax legible drawings or e-mail the drawings in one of the following formats PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP. If you e-mail your drawings Please format them so that the file size does not exceed 750 KB (total) If you fax your diagram be sure that the ink is dark enough to be legible after faxing.

Please Note: What many people would consider to be the very best photographs of their project (if you are having us copy an existing design) normally do not show the detailed information that we need to produce an accurate reproduction. Additional fees may be incurred if we need to work from a photograph that does not display the dimensional information that we require to manufacture your project. Thank You for your understanding.

Large custom projects of $5,000 or more may require full payment in advance by check or money order before work begins. - Specialized Textile Outfitters

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*-* Strap Design Evaluation and Prototype Fee - Fax your Strap diagrams to 1-866-220-3801 or e-mail them to - this fee is fully refundable if we can not make your Straps*-*

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Custom Straps made to your specifications, just send us a diagram and a nominal prototype fee and we'll make your design into a strap. We also make Canvas Straps. Made in America

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