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Snap Setting Kits, Consumer Grade

Available in Sizes: 1/2″ (#20 Mini Size) and 5/8″ (#24 Standard Size)

Purchasing Information:

Snap Setting Kits - Consumer Grade
1 Each Model #: H83A-STNI-SSKT-XXXX-ZS
Priced as low as... $14.75 Each
Base Shipping Weight:
#20 (1/2″ Mini) --------0.185lbs.
#24 (5/8″ Standard) -0.210lbs.

Made in America

This simple kit contains everything you really need to set your own Snaps (also called Snap Buttons) . It is made specifically for the individual craftsperson who only needs to set a few Snaps here and there.

Comes with pair of reversible setting dies, components to set 6 snaps, and easy to follow instructions. (hole puncher not required; use an awl, a nail or other sharp object to create small hole in fabric or leather to set snap.)

Ideal for Cloth, Canvas, Curtains, Tarps, Nylon, and leather. A separate size kit is required for setting each size of Snap. We also carry heavy duty snap setting kits & snaps that are made to Military
Specifications - MILSPEC Snap Setting Kits & Snap Buttons

Old model numbers:
Size 20: #SKA020
Size 24: #SKA024 - Specialized Textile Outfitters

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