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Heavy Duty Sewing Tool & Accessories

Includes Two Sewing Needles and one spool of Heavy Duty Sewing Thread, Black

Purchasing Information:

*** Tools & Accessories ***
1 Each Model #: T04A-STNA-HDST-XXXX-ZS
Priced as low as... $18.00 Each
Base Shipping Weight:
Heavy Duty Sewing Tool ----------------------------------- 0.25lbs.
Extra Needle- Straight Coarse for HD Sewing Tool- 0.01lbs.
Extra Needle- Straight Fine for HD Sewing Tool ---- 0.01lbs.
Extra Needle- Curved for HD Sewing Tool ----------- 0.01lbs.
Thread Reel- BLACK for HD Sewing Tool ------------ 0.05lbs.
Thread Reel- BROWN for HD Sewing Tool ---------- 0.05lbs.
Thread Reel- WHITE for HD Sewing Tool ------------ 0.05lbs.

Made in America

Need to sew REALLY heavy fabrics, webbing and leather; and Don't have a $3,000 industrial sewing machine? Use this Heavy Duty Sewing Tool to hand sew the heaviest of materials. The hardwood handle gives you all the leverage you'll need. Special slotted needles allow thread to stay within the body of the needle for easier penetration. In-tool bobbin design enables efficient, no fuss thread flow.

Simple to Use: Instructions for Heavy Duty Sewing Tool (PDF)

Comes with one straight needle, one curved needle, shank wrench, one reel of black, extra heavy duty, pre-waxed, Nylon thread, and easy to follow instructions. Handle top unscrews to store wrench and spare needles.

The manufacturer of these tools has been in business since 1826; quality and function never go out of style. This well designed tool is the best hand sewing accessory we've seen. Extra needles and additional thread reels sold separately.

Old model number: #STH001

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