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Cable Straps

Re-Usable Quick Release Tie Down Straps for Cables, 1″ wide, available In five Lengths: 6″ (15cm), 12″ (30cm), 18″ (45cm), 24″ (60cm), 36″ (91cm)

Re-Usable Quick Release Cable Tie-Down Straps

Better for the environment than disposable plastic cable ties - Made in America

Great for tying down cables and cord bunches that need to be opened and re-arranged frequently. Soft, pliable Polypropylene webbing won't bite into delicate cables and electronic cords or leave sharp edges that cut hands and fingers when trimmed; like plastic "zip" type ties do.

Best of all, they are better for the environment because as a reusable product, they produce less waste. Think of how many "zip" type ties you have cut off and had to replace in the past.

Available in 10 color options: Red, Navy Blue, Yellow, White, Pacific Blue, Orange, Brown, Grey, Dark Green, and Black.

Old Model number: AP200LSP

Other lengths of these straps are available, call us if you need a length not listed here.

Search Terms / Also Called: cable management, cable straps, zip ties, cable ties, cable tie down

Product Information and Discounts

Product Name:
Re-Usable Quick Release Cable Tie-Down Straps

Model No. / Shipping Weight
6″ (15cm) --- M01A-PPPL-QRCT-0006-
0.05 lbs. (0.02 kg)
12″ (30cm) - M01A-PPPL-QRCT-0012-
0.07 lbs. (0.03 kg)
18″ (45cm) - M01A-PPPL-QRCT-0018-
0.10 lbs. (0.05 kg)
24″ (60cm) - M01A-PPPL-QRCT-0024-
0.13 lbs. (0.06 kg)
36″ (91cm) - M01A-PPPL-QRCT-0036-
0.19 lbs. (0.09 kg)
Hardware Model Numbers were updated January 2016

Quantity Discounts:
1- 99 Each0%
100- 499 Each10%
500- 999 Each15%
1000- or more Each20%

Product Specifications

  • No Minimum Order Quantity
  • Quantity Discounts are available
  • Products that are in stock in our warehouse can ship the same day.

Cable Straps Colors

Re-Usable Quick Release Cable Tie-Down Straps is available in these colors
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Dark Green
  • Grey
  • Navy
  • Orange
  • Pacific Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

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