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Nylon Webbing and Strap Material

Nylon Webbing is used in applications where high tensile strength and abrasion resistance is required

More Information: The Most Widely known fiber for straps

Nylon Webbing, 100% Nylon strip, material is widely used for many common products, strap assemblies and webbing harnesses. Many people mistake other man made fibers for nylon. Polyester or Polypropylene webbing often are referred to as Nylon. Polyester is difficult to distinguish from nylon; but Polypropylene can be distinguished from Nylon very easily; as it floats when dropped in water.

This webbing is used to make everything from dog collars and dog leashes, to handles on soft luggage, industrial straps and many other strap related products that you find in your home and place of work.

Tubular webbing is a specially manufactured nylon strap material with a weave that makes it resemble a flattened pipe. This material is good for protecting delicate cables and tubes that need to be exposed; against abrasion and sharp edges.

The material can be cut with regular scissors or fabric shears and can be sewn by hand or by machine. We carry a wide selection of strap fittings and hardware that can be used in many applications across a broad range of industries.

Nylon Webbing offers resistance to UV (Sunlight), oil, gas & alkalis. Nylon is not resistant to acids and has a melting point of 480 F (248 C).

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