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Replacement Screens for Indoor Golf Simulators

Made in America From - Genuine - American Made CORDURA® Fabric

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Replacement Screen for Indoor Golf Simulators
Featuring Genuine CORDURA® Fabric

We offer Custom Designable projection screens with standardized features made from Genuine CORDURA® Fabric.

We use Genuine 1000 Denier CORDURA® Nylon Fabric reinforced with  Polypropylene Webbing and heavy duty brass grommets. Most indoor Golf Simulators use 10 ft. X 8 ft. or 12 ft. X 10 ft. impact screens; but we can custom manufacture your impact screen any size you like. Use the online form above to select the dimensions for your screen up to 20 ft. in height by 25 ft. in width.

Standard configuration for grommets is: Every 6 inches along the top of the screen, one in each bottom corner and one in each the left and right edges centered top to bottom. (see enlarged picture). Standard size grommets for golf impact screens are size #4 grommets (1/2'' hole size) Additional #4 grommets may be added for $0.50 each. Other size grommets are available prices vary (please send a diagram, this option must be billed separately) (mounting cordage, sold separately)

A sleeve at the bottom of screen (3" measured laying flat) to accommodate a 3/4'' weighted pipe or 1/2" galvanized steel chain (for additional stability and to keep the screen from flying upward upon impact with a golf ball) can be added for about $30 depending on the size of the screen, this option can be selected on the form above. (chain or pipe not included... available at local hardware stores)

Our customers tell us that the replacement impact screens we made for them are better than the original screen that came with their Golf Simulator (we won't mention the brand names). Samples are available and consist of 12X12 inch CORDURA® with webbing reinforced hem and a #4 Grommet installed to show components and construction.

If you need a special configuration such as additional grommets or different size or finish grommets, a different size sleeve, or a special shape screen or a screen with hardware or straps on it; let us know. We are a custom manufacturer and we make each project to order; chances are we can make exactly the screen you need.

These golf impact simulator screens are sometimes called simulator impact canvas or golf ball impact screens.

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