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(38mm) 1_1/2" Nylon Webbing "Herring Bone" Weave

Purchasing Information:

1_1/2″ Nylon Webbing ′Herring Bone′ Weave
Roll Size: 100 Yds. Model #: W03I-NYNO-HERB-1500-ZS
Priced as low as... $1.18 Yard
Base Shipping Weight: 0.05 lbs. / Yard

Quantity Level


1- 99 Yard 0%
100- 499 Yard 15%
500- 999 Yard 25%
1000- or more Yard 45%

Flexible High Strength Webbing

This is the same Professional Grade nylon webbing used on name-brand luggage and backpacks. Has a five panel Herring Bone Weave for extra resilience. Rated tensile strength 2700 Lbs. thickness .045″ Cut to order. Note: lengths over 100 feet may not be one continuous piece. No refunds after order is cut.

Color Sample Swatch Book for this material contains all the different types of Nylon Webbing

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