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1.25″ (32mm) Open Face Web Belt Buckle MILSPEC (USMC)

MIL-B-1963 Type 2, class 3

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MILSPEC *USMC Issue* Open Face Uniform Buckle MIL-B-1963 TY2 CL3
1 Each Model #: H91A-STBA-MCOF-1250-ZS
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Genuine Issue United States Marine Corps Web Belt Buckle

Authentic U.S.M.C., MILSPEC uniform component. Steel Wire formed and Heavy, stamped Steel with Black Oxide finish. Features a webbing clamp on the back, and tilting open face design that lets the webbing be seen through the center of the buckle and minimizes the appearance of the buckle to only the outer "frame". Classic, clean, sharp military styling, with an emphasis on functionality and no-nonsense durability. Black Oxide belt tips complete the buckle system, and are sold separately. Made in America. - Specialized Textile Outfitters

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MILSPEC *USMC Issue* Open Face Uniform Buckle MIL-B-1963 TY2 CL3

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Official U.S.M.C. Issue Open Face Webbing Belt Buckles for Marine Corps Uniform - Solid Brass, made in America

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Great product, low cost, fast shipping - by , November 5, 2017
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