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(50mm) 2″ Professional Grade

Tubular Nylon Webbing

Purchasing Information:

2″ Professional Grade Tubular Nylon Webbing
Roll Size: 50 Yds. Model #: W03I-NYNO-TUBL-2000-ZS
Priced as low as... $1.90 Yard
Base Shipping Weight: 0.16 lbs. / Yard

Quantity Level


1- 49 Yard 0%
50- 99 Yard 10%
100- 249 Yard 15%
250- or more Yard 45%
2″ Professional Grade Tubular Nylon Webbing is available in these colors

Heavy Duty Nylon Strap Webbing - Can also be used as a cable and hose protectors

Tubular webbing has a multitude of uses due to it's high strength and hollow tubular design. Great as a protective covering for cables, tubes, and hoses. Measures 2″ when flat, and approximately 1 3/8″ when "tubed", .084″ thick (when flat). Highly abrasion resistant thick weave. Rated tensile strength 7000 Lbs. Cut to order. Note: lengths over 100 feet may not be one continuous piece. No refunds after order is cut.

Please Note: As shown in the photo: the Firetruck Red version of this webbing has 4 blue tracer strands woven into it. The Blue version has 4 black tracer strands also. The black version of this webbing has a blue tracer strand. The presence of the tracer strand may vary from lot to lot of this webbing without notice. We can not a ensure that the woven tracer strand will always be present in all color versions of this webbing.

Color Sample Swatch Book for this material contains all the different types of Nylon Webbing

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