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Rotary Head Hole Punch, Forged Steel

& Replacement Cutter Sets

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*** Tools & Accessories ***
1 Each Model #: T04A-STNA-PHPR-XXXX-ZS
Priced as low as... $140.00 Each
Base Shipping Weight:
Professional Hole Punch Rotary Head TOOL ------- 1.10lbs.
Replacement Cutter Set ONLY for Pro Hole Punch 0.10lbs.

Made in America from Heavy Forged Steel

Constructed of Solid, Forged, High Carbon Tool Steel, not the light duty stamped sheet metal used on those cheaply made, inferor, Chinese "knock-offs" that you would find in your local hardware store.

Features Replaceable Cutters made from heat treated tool steel. Made in America. The manufacturer of these tools has been in business since 1826; quality and function never go out of style. Designed specifically for Leather, Vinyl , Heavy Fabric and Rubberized Materials. This tool is really heavy duty and designed to last.

The actual tool pictured here has been used in our fabrication shop since 2004, (photo was taken in 2011, this tool is still being used in our shop as of this writing, Jan. 2014) we replaced the cutters once (probably in 2009), after a few thousand holes. The nickel finish is a little worn, but it still works like brand new. We're keeping this one but we'll sell you a brand new one, made with the same quality materials and workmanship, for your workshop.

A fine companion tool for our MILSPEC Snap Setting Tool.

Note: This tool was specifically designed for punching holes in heavy, tough materials. Thin, lightweight or sheer materials such as Silkiene and mosquito netting will NOT cut properly using this tool, and holes will require re-cutting with a knife, scissors, or heated melt tool.

Old Model Numbers:
Hole Punch Tool: #THP001
Replacement Cutter Set: RBTHP006

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