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0.8 mm Polyester Mosquito Netting

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0.8 mm Polyester Mosquito Netting
Roll Size: 50 Yds. Model #: F03A-PONO-MOSQ-M008-ZS
Priced as low as... $4.64 Yard
Base Shipping Weight: 0.30 lbs. / Yard

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1- 49 Yard 0%
50- 99 Yard 0%
100- 199 Yard 0%
200- or more Yard 10%

High transparency Insect Netting - Made in America

If you have ever been stuck camping without a bug net or bug screen during mosquito season, then you know that this lightweight, high-transparency 0.8mm Polyester Mosquito netting, is worth it's weight in gold. This high strength-to-weight ratio, very fine mesh has small enough holes to stop most known winged insects in North America.

Mosquitoes and biting insects are not just annoying, they can be life threatening. Mosquitoes spread deadly West Nile Virus, responsible for many deaths and serious illness recently. Help protect yourself and your family when outdoors. This mosquito netting, when used and fabricated properly into protective structures can significantly reduce the chances of being bitten by mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus.

Available in both black and white. Cut to order in One Yard increments. No refunds after order is cut. One Yard = 60" wide X 36" long (Approximately)
Old Model Number: #FMN008

Color Sample Swatch Book for this material also contains other types of uncoated mesh

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