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Sponsorship of Community Youth Activities Sealy, Texas Area

American Home & Habitat Inc. is a Proud Sponsor of the:

Selman Intermediate School STEM initiative, Sealy Texas 77474

STEM initiative plaque

American Home & Habitat Inc. Supports Community youth activities, teams
and programs that promote Science Technology Engineering and Math.

We have been approached numerous times by members of our local communities in the past several years asking us to sponsor local youth sports teams and athletic activities.

We see that public schools in this part of Texas are well endowed at tax payer expense; some with multimillion dollar high school sports facilities and equipment. There seems to be no shortage of community approved and funded athletic and sports opportunities for school aged children in this part of Texas. If you doubt this; simply Google-map public schools in the Houston TX area and on satellite view; take a look at the huge sports complexes granted to local public schools, some of which would rival those in college sports programs.

We applaud those parents in the local communities who make an effort to create activities and esteem building organizations to keep the kids off the streets and engaged in something that is not negative or detrimental to society.

We realize that it is a monumental battle to keep the kids off the street, and out of gangs, and away from drug and alcohol abuse. Simply providing them with sports activities is not negative or detrimental to society. However, in these days of lowered standards and apparently lowered expectations: simply being not detrimental is viewed as being positive and beneficial to society.

This is something that we as a local employer can comment on with some level of authority: Just giving the kids an activity that is non negative and non detrimental does not make the activity positive and beneficial to society.

This nation and our local communities already spend far too much money and attention on Sports and Athletics and not nearly enough on Math and Science.

Whenever we run an employment ad in our local newspapers we are besieged by recent high school graduates applying for a manufacturing position who can't even read a ruler (standard or metric) and who can't even add or subtract fractional numbers (with or without a calculator). They have no idea why steel rusts, and how to prevent it from doing so, and they apparently could care less about the electrical conductivity of common materials; and other basic Science and Mathematical knowledge.

However, these kids all have that unquestionable confidence and self esteem that comes with playing team sports. Fresh out of high school; these kids all want executive level salaries and job perks, even though they have virtually no marketable job skills or practical knowledge to justify much more than minimum wage.

We as an employer see a need in this community for workers with with greater Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education, not sports and athletic education.

Therefore, we will gladly sponsor local youth organizations near Sealy, Texas that promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Eligible organizations must be non profit 501C or be officially sanctioned by a local public school, Non Religious in nature and open to all children regardless of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability, marital status, and socioeconomic status. No sponsorship checks will written to individuals, for profit organizations, or religious organizations.

A prospectus or curriculum for the organization must be submitted to us for review. Level (dollar amount) of sponsorship will be determined by our opinion of how well the organization's activities promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Use our Contact Us Form for the initial contact.

Thank You,
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