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AH&H Brand™ Super Heavy Duty 100% Nylon Thread

Available in 13 Standard and Industrial colors

Purchasing Information:

AH&H Brand™ Super Heavy Duty 100% Nylon Thread
1 Each Model #: T04A-NYNA-HDTD-XXXX-ZS
Priced as low as... $4.00 Each
Base Shipping Weight:
Yellow --------- 0.05lbs.
Black ---------- 0.05lbs.
Blue ------------ 0.05lbs.
Burgundy ----- 0.05lbs.
Dark Green -- 0.05lbs.
Dark Brown -- 0.05lbs.
Desert Tan --- 0.05lbs.
Olive Drab ---- 0.05lbs.
Orange -------- 0.05lbs.
Purple --------- 0.05lbs.
Red ------------- 0.05lbs.
Silver ----------- 0.05lbs.

Made in America

This thread is unbelievably tough and strong yet thin enough for standard needles and sewing machines. Ideal for use on any heavy duty bag or pack, and for sewing leather goods. 100% Nylon, multi strand construction, Lightly Waxed for easier sewing,

Available in small, 150 Yard spools, and 1lb. Master Spools.

Sampler cases containing 1 spool each, of the 13 different colors are also

Old Model Number: #TNH001S

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