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Sternum Strap Adjuster for Backpacks

Black Plastic, Joins 1″ (25mm) Webbing with 3/4″ (19mm) Webbing

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Sternum Strap Adjuster, Black Plastic
1 Each Model #: H50I-PLNO-SSAD-1000-ZS
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Specialized Strap Adjuster for Backpacks and Shoulder Harnesses

If you are making your own backpack or shoulder rig, you'll need at least one of these Sternum Strap Adjusters. Molded from Delrin® high strength plastic, this is a highly specialized piece of hardware. Essentially a 1" Tri-Glide with a 3/4" loop on one end. Designed to be used (in conjunction with side release buckles) as a means of connecting the shoulder straps on a backpack, across the wearer's chest; for additional stability. Allows vertical adjustment on the shoulder straps and horizontal adjustment on the sternum strap. (the strap that connects the shoulder straps across the chest) Not intended for life safety devices. Also called a backpack strap holder. Overall length 1", width 1 5/8", overall thickness 3/16".
Old Model #TGS100, TGSXXX

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