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High Quality Side Release Buckles

WHITE Plastic, in sizes 1″ (25mm), 1_1/2″ (38mm)

Purchasing Information:

Side Release Buckles, WHITE Plastic
Box Size: 100 Ea. Model #: H01A-PLWP-BSRE-XXXX-ZS
Priced as low as... $0.85 Each
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1- 99 Each 0%
100- 499 Each 45%
500- 999 Each 50%
1000- or more Each 55%

Buckles For webbing straps, press on sides to open, also come in white - MADE IN AMERICA*

High quality, same as those found on name brand luggage and backpacks.
Not for Life Safety devices. Sizes 1″, and 1_1/2" Made in America.
Great buckles for all sorts of general purpose straps, dog and cat collars.
Also called Strap clips and squeeze buckles.

Product Data

Nominal Break Strengths
for Side Release Buckles:
Old Model Numbers listed

1" (#BSRW100) 75 lbs.
1 1/2" (#BSRW150 or #BSRW200) 200 lbs.

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