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Electric Webbing Cutter / Heat Sealer, Commercial Grade

For commercial or home use, operates on 115 V (USA standard household 3 prong plug - NEMA 5-15R)

Purchasing Information:

*** Tools & Accessories ***
1 Each Model #: T05A-CPNA-V115-XXXX-ZS
Priced as low as... $138.00 Each
Base Shipping Weight:
Electric Webbing Cutter - Commercial Grade -- 2.76lbs.
Replacement Blade ONLY for Webbing Cutter - 0.15lbs.

Made in America

This Commercial grade webbing cutter Uses a composite alloy blade that Cuts and heat seals the webbing in one operation. Works on all synthetic webbing and Rope. Base has holes for mounting to bench or board.
Comes with one Composite Alloy blade. Replacement blades sold separately.

We have used the one of these Commercial Grade Webbing Cutters in our Textile Fabrication Shop almost daily for the past 11 years (the same individual unit for 11+ straight years). We have replaced the bade a few times in those 11 years, but this machine is rock solid. No problems, and no issues in 11 years. Just occasionally clean the terminal posts where the blade attaches using a wire brush or fine sandpaper, especially when changing blades. Blade life depends on usage level and operator care.

Old Model Numbers:
Webbing Cutter #TWC001
Replacement Blade #TWB001

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