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Vinyl and Canvas Fabrication & Welding Services

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*-* Vinyl and Canvas Fabrication Deposit - Fax your Project Diagrams to 1-866-220-3801 or e-mail them to - this fee is fully refundable if we can not make your project *-*
1 Each Model #: T01A-QQQQ-VWFS-XXXX-ZS
Priced as low as... $125.00 Each
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Standard Deposit -- 0.01lbs.

General Instructions for submitting Diagrams for Vinyl and Canvas Welding & Fabrication Service

Please Read All Directions and Notes Below Before Submitting your Drawing or Diagrams

For Custom Tarps up to 60 ft. X 25 Ft. Use our Instant Online Quote Form. No Deposit Required and No diagram or drawings required.

* Please fax legible drawings or e-mail the drawings in one of the following formats PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP. If you e-mail your drawings Please format them so that the file size does not exceed 750 KB (total) If you fax your diagram be sure that the ink is dark enough to be legible after faxing.

Please Note: What many people would consider to be the very best photographs of their project (if you are having us copy an existing design) normally do not show the detailed information that we need to produce an accurate reproduction. Additional fees may be incurred if we need to work from a photograph that does not display the dimensional information that we require to manufacture your project. Thank You for your understanding.

The $125 deposit is 100% refundable if we can not make your Fabricated Vinyl or Canvas Project. If we can make your project; the fee will be applied to the cost of your project. Large custom projects may require full payment in advance by check or money order before work begins. This deposit can be waived if your drawings are stamped by an engineer or have been created by a professional draftsman.

We sell a variety of industrial and military grade vinyl*, heavy duty Canvas and CORDURA®. We can custom fabricate tarps, covers, shades, bags, freezer curtains and nearly anything else made of vinyl, grommets, webbing and strap hardware. All fabrication is performed " In-house" by our knowledgeable staff using state-of-the- art industrial equipment.

We are not limited to standard vinyl, we can also weld and fabricate our vinyl coated meshes and our high quality 20 gauge and 40 gauge clear vinyl creating "crystal clear" welded seams that are both strong and completely waterproof.

We stock 13 different sizes of Heavy Duty, Solid Brass grommets in both plain brass finish, nickel plated, and blackened. We also stock a wide variety of webbing in nylon and Poly-Propylene from 5/8" to 3" and webbing to reinforce seams and edges and hardware to fabricate straps for your project.

We can tackle jobs 100' x 75' and larger with longer lead times, but we can usually produce a 15' x 40' piece within 3 business days. (depending on our workload in a given week).

* Consultation and Design fees may be accessed IF your design is unclear or impractical, and/or if your original design requires significant re-engineering by our staff (in order to ensure that the finished product will perform according to your stated use). You will be notified if there will be any design or consultation fees for your project, before any work is done. (we make every attempt to avoid modifying customers' designs and charging design & Consultation fees) - Specialized Textile Outfitters

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*-* Vinyl and Canvas Fabrication Deposit - Fax your Project Diagrams to 1-866-220-3801 or e-mail them to - this fee is fully refundable if we can not make your project *-*

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We carry a variety of industrial and military Vinyl, Canvas, CORDURA and coated mesh products for quick fabrication into tarps, pool covers etc.

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