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Webbing Cutting Services (Length Only)

We can cut webbing to your specifications...

Purchasing Information:

*** Webbing Cutting fee - NO REFUNDS ON CUT WEBBING ***
1 Each Model #: M01A-WBCS-XXXX-XX-ZS
Priced as low as... $5.00 Pack
Base Shipping Weight:
1 - 10 cuts -----------0.00lbs.
11 - 50 cuts ---------0.00lbs.
51 - 100 cuts -------0.00lbs.
101 - 250 cuts ------0.00lbs.
251 - 500 cuts ------0.00lbs.
501 - 1000 cuts -----0.00lbs.
1001 - 2500 cuts ---0.00lbs.
2501 - 5000 cuts ---0.00lbs.
5001 - 7500 cuts ---0.00lbs.
7501 - 10000 cuts -0.00lbs.

Ordering Directions for cut webbing:

For example: if you want to purchase 100 feet of webbing and have us cut it into 50 pieces 24 inches long, we can do it for you.

Accuracy is typically +- 2% of overall length

Before starting: If you are ordering more than one type of webbing and need only one type of webbing cut, please contact us. If you need webbing cut to a size not listed, or you need any other special handling or processing, please contact us.

All cutting charges include cutting and heat sealing to prevent fraying (only for synthetic webbing types). Cotton webbing can not be heat sealed, and must be cut cold. Edge hemming (fold-over & sew) of cut cotton webbing pieces is available at additional cost, and with additional lead time requirements. (Please contact us if you require cutting & edge hemmming of cotton webbing.)

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