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Webbing Blog - FAQ Q&A

The 411 on Vinyl - Questions and answers about Webbing material and how to use it
by www.ahh.biz - Specialized Textile Outfitters


What is the elastic force in pounds of your 2" flat webbing when stretched to +25% of its original length?


The elastic force of the 2'' flat woven elastic webbing is about 1.2 lbs.
2 inch woven elastic webbing

Cotton Webbing also called canvas strap takes in stains and odors very well, chars at 300 F (148 C) and is made from natural plant fiber that can be grown again and a gain, this is also known as being renewable. the cotton plant grows in warm places around the world. It has been used to make clothing since 7,000 years ago. It is different because it is the only natural fiber used to make webbing and narrow textile for mostly business use. It was used to make narrow fabric a lot before the 1940's when man made fibers such as nylon, and other man made fibers went into greater use and sent to many places.

The military used much of the Cotton Webbing and fiber making clothes and stuff for the army and navy and often used a chemical like CANVAK to save the fabric from rotting and getting bad smells in places with hot, wet weather. Also, the material is heavier than man made fibers which gives it a lower pull strength for its weight. So it takes a lot more natural fiber to make a pull strength the same as a much smaller amount by weight of almost all man made fibers. Still good for very real looking copies of old things used by many people like sporting goods and other stuff and old military things like luggage, uniform items, and shoulder bags.

Almost all available cotton fiber used in business is spun and worked by machine, small makers in far away places may still make the stuff by hand. Making cotton fiber by hand is an job that is going away because of the heavy work used, and the stuff is not as good as fiber made by new machines. Today, the material is not used as much as man made fiber in all things from suitcases, back packs, bags, tow straps, to dog collars and leashes, shoulder straps, belting, handbag straps, sporting goods and sports products, tools and tie down straps.














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