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Locking Steel Carabiner Hooks, With Screw Lock

(10 sizes) Not For Climbing

Purchasing Information:

Steel Carabiner Hooks,*SCREW LOCK*, Nickel Plated
Box Size: 100 Ea. Model #: H20I-STNO-LSCH-XXXX-ZS
Priced as low as... $1.55 Each
Base Shipping Weight:
#4 Size-- 0.02lbs.
#5 Size-- 0.04lbs.
#6 Size-- 0.06lbs.
#7 Size-- 0.10lbs.
#8 Size-- 0.12lbs.
#9 Size-- 0.20lbs.
#10 Size- 0.26lbs.
#11 Size- 0.40lbs.
#12 Size- 0.58lbs.
#13 Size- 0.78lbs.

Quantity Level


1- 99 Each 0%
100- 499 Each 15%
500- 999 Each 20%
1000- or more Each 25%

Also called snap hooks or carabiners, Locking Variety

Constructed of Corrosion resistant Nickel Plated steel rod, formed and milled.
Ideal for snapping accessories to luggage, lines or webbing belts, quickly and easily.
Features, Integral Screw Lock Device that prevents unintended opening. Not intended for life safety devices. Not for Climbing.

For Product Dimensions:
See Specification sheet PDF: Steel Carabiner Hooks, With Screw Lock

Old Model Number: #CSHL0XX

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