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PTD Snap Components, MILSPEC Black, Size #24

MIL-MS27981-1N, 3N,4N, 5N (Black Version)

Purchasing Information:

PTD Snap Components, MILSPEC Black, Size #24
1 Each Model #: H80M-BRBK-PTDS-N024-0
Priced as low as... $152.00 Each
Base Shipping Weight: 1.60 lbs. / Each

Bulk Packed in packs of 100 sets - Made in America.

These are the actual type of snaps used on many types of equipment used by the Military, Police, Fire Dept, EMS for equipment, luggage & tarps. These Snap Components meet military Specifications for durability and construction. Use our Professional Snap Setter Tool with Setting dies for MIL-MS27981-1N,3N,4N, 5N Snap Components (sold separately). Constructed of corrosion resistant Blackened Brass.

Follow installation instructions carefully for best results. Compatibility with consumer grade setting tools & dies obtained from other manufacturers can not be guaranteed. Not intended to support human loads. Refer to appropriate manuals for correct field usage. Meets Military Specifications described above.

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