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1.25″ Web Belt Uniform Buckle

MILSPEC MIL-B-1963 Type 1

Purchasing Information:

MILSPEC 1.25″ Web Belt Uniform Buckle MIL-B-1963 TY1
1 Each Model #: H91A-BRSP-MILU-1250-ZS
Priced as low as... $2.73 Each
Base Shipping Weight:
1_1/4″ Solid Brass - Non Sparking0.08lbs.
1_1/4″ Nickel Plated Steel ----------0.08lbs.

Quantity Level


1- 99 Each 0%
100- 499 Each 20%
500- 999 Each 25%
1000- or more Each 40%

Authentic Military Issue - Made In USA

These are authentic military issue, MILSPEC uniform components. Heavy, stamped solid brass formed into a simple utilitarian design that has endured for decades in the U.S. Military. Gives a "clean cut, no nonsense, squared away" appearance and style not often found in civilian clothing and accessories. The solid brass isn't just for looks either.

Soldiers and Sailors who often worked in hazardous environments with explosive atmospheres could not wear or carry items made of ferrous or sparking metals. Brass, in addition to being non rusting and corrosion resistant, is non sparking, as it will not produce sparks like steel and other hard metal alloys when impacted, making it safe for use in explosive atmospheres. Available in Solid Brass finish (gold tone) and Silver Nickel Plated Steel. Note: Only Solid Brass version is Non Sparking.

Features a webbing clamp on the back, and a main adjustment pin accessible from the sides. Metal webbing tips (sold separately) affix to the end of the webbing to keep the webbing from fraying and to allow the webbing to be easily threaded into the buckle.

When worn properly according to military uniform requirements: The webbing tip should touch the edge of the front of the buckle with no excess webbing showing on the front of the buckle. A few inches of "spare" webbing can extend from the clamp on the back, but must remain unseen from the front.

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