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Build-a-Zipper™- YKK® 9mm Plastic Coil Luggage Zipper

Note: Luggage Zippers do NOT have end stops as they are intended to be sewn into luggage

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Build-a-Zipper™ YKK® 9mm Plastic Coil - NO End Stops
1 Each Model #: M66A-09PC-XXSP-HDWX-ZS
Priced as low as... $1.08
Base Shipping Weight:
0 (Purchase Sliders Only) - 0.029lbs.
2 feet----- 0.056lbs.
3 feet----- 0.084lbs.
4 feet----- 0.112lbs.
5 feet----- 0.140lbs.
6 feet----- 0.168lbs.
8 feet----- 0.224lbs.
10 feet--- 0.280lbs.
12 feet--- 0.336lbs.
15 feet--- 0.420lbs.
20 feet--- 0.560lbs.
50 feet--- 1.400lbs.

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1- 99 0%
100- 499 7%
500- 999 10%
1000- or more 15%
Build-a-Zipper™ YKK® 9mm Plastic Coil - NO End Stops is available in these colors

Design a Luggage or Tent zipper to you specifications

It would be advisable to order a zipper a few inches longer than the zipper length that you actually need. Zipper chain can be trimmed to final length with a sharp utility knife (while laid flat on top of a piece of scrap wood), or cutting pliers or sheet metal shears.

It would also be advisable to leave the sliders on the zipper chain before trimming, as it may be difficult to put them back on the zipper chain if the teeth at the end of the zipper chain are damaged during cutting.

These Plastic Coil Zippers are the same Heavy Duty Zippers found on the top brand name backpacks and luggage. Larger and heavier than what most regular fabric & crafting stores normally carry. Made by YKK® the world's top manufacturer of industrial strength zippers. These Zippers are characterized by their high strength, smooth operation, and long service life.

Double Pull Sliders are available with this zipper size. Double Pull Sliders have a pull on the front and on the back and are typically used for the doors and windows of tents and other textile or vinyl enclosures so that the opening can be opened and closed from either the inside of the structure or the outside.

Build-a-Zipper™ products are custom made to customer specifications and are non returnable after ordered.

Old Model Numbers:
Zippers #ZPC009
Sliders # ZPC009S

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