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StrandTex™ Self Adhesive Felt Strips

Made from 100% Polyester, contains no wool or other animal products

Purchasing Information:

StrandTex™ thick Self Adhesive Strips
Roll Size: 16 Yds. Model #: W02A-PONO-FELT-ZS
Priced as low as... $0.99 Yard
Base Shipping Weight:
25mm (1″) ------------- 0.063lbs.
38mm (1_1/2″) ------- 0.10lbs.
50mm (2″) ------------- 0.14lbs.
75mm (3″) ------------- 0.16lbs.

Quantity Level


0- 0 Yard 0
0- 0 Yard 0
0- 0 Yard 0
32- or more Yard 15%

Popular widths of self adhesive Felt

Needle punched, Hypoallergenic StrandTex™ polyester felt contains no wool or other animal products. Nearly as soft as wool felt, but lighter and resistant to rotting and decay. Great for lining the inside of mounting points of shipping crates for expensive items, or padding hard items to prevent them from scratching more delicate surfaces.

Available in the following standard Widths:
25mm (1")
38mm (1_1/2")
50mm (2")
75mm (3")

Other, non standard widths can be manufactured with a minimum order.

Nominal thickness: 6.35mm (0.25″)
Weight: 814 g/sq m (24.0 oz/sq yd)
Temperature tolerance: Maximum 162℃ (325℉), Constant: 148℃ (300℉)

Cut to order. Note: lengths over 50 feet may not be one continuous piece. No refunds after order is cut.

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