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Woodland Camouflage Pattern

on 1000 D CORDURA® Nylon Fabric

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Camo Pattern - Woodland on 1000 D CORDURA®
Roll Size: 55 Yds. Model #: F08A-NYPU-CORD-1000-ZS
Priced as low as... $11.17 Yard
Base Shipping Weight: 1.20 lbs. / Yard

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Military Camouflage Fabric Made in America

The "traditional" Woodland Camouflage pattern developed for the US Armed forces in the 1970's still in use today but being phased out in favor of Digicam (Digital Camouflage patterns). Consists of Dark Green, Light Green, Brown and Black in odd shaped rounded patterns. Particularly effective in the deep green forests of North America and Europe, for which this pattern was developed for. Durably printed on 1000 Denier CORDURA® One Yard = 60" wide X 36" long (Approximately)

Selecting the right camouflage pattern - a perspective is an Authorized Distributor of Genuine CORDURA® Durable Fabrics
CORDURA® is a registered trademark of INVISTA for durable fabrics - Specialized Textile Outfitters

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Camo Pattern - Woodland on 1000 D CORDURA®

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traditional woodland camouflage pattern developed in the 1970's for the US Armed forces for the forrests of North America and Europe

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