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Dead Zone Bags™ Radio Signal Blocking Faraday Bags



Radio Signal Blocking bags made from proprietary 100% Stainless Steel Fabric block radio signals used for all commercially available wireless networking devices. Made to protect your privacy in the digital age. Proper use of Dead Zone Bags™ allow you carry your mobile phone or other wireless / mobile internet enabled device with total privacy from being tracked or surveilled by two way radio signals being constantly transmitted by today's mobile devices to and from network towers.

Phone & GPS size will will accommodate all devices up to:
8'' Length by 4'' width and 1'' thick

Laptop & Tablet size will accommodate all devices up to:
18'' length by 14'' width and 3'' thick.

Each Dead Zone Bag™ comes with an Official Dead Zone Bags™ limited edition promotional Key Chain.

Show Your Support for Personal Electronic Privacy!

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Dead Zone Bag™ with 1 year Warranty

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Signal blocking bags for mobile devices with money back Guarantee - blocks all cellular signals including 4G - Made in USA

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Great product, low cost, fast shipping - by , November 5, 2017
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