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Stainless Steel Radio Signal Blocking Fabric

Stainless Steel Radio Signal Blocking Fabric
Price: $85.10 per Yard (90 cm)
(before quantity discounts)

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   2 inch x 2 inch (50mm²)

Stainless Steel Radio Signal Blocking Fabric

Price: $55.00 Per Sample,

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   12 inch x 12 inch (30cm²)

Stainless Steel Radio Signal Blocking Fabric

Price: $200.00 Per Sample,

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Stainless Steel Radio Signal Blocking Fabric

Price:  $13.75

Multi Use & Electromagnetic Shielding Fabric 100% Stainless Steel

Forget about "Space Age" materials, this material has uses and implications for the "Information Age".

This exotic textile has a multitude of entirely different applications, some of which are waiting to be discovered. Woven entirely from a proprietary stainless steel alloy. Strong, flexible, soft to the touch, allows air and light to pass through. Looks, feels, cuts, and sews just like a traditional fiber fabric, but that where the similarity ends. This textile is composed of thousands of ultra fine stainless steel wires nearly as thin as human hair. Unless you feel the exposed edge of this fabric with your finger, it is difficult to tell the difference between this material and a stiff finish nylon fabric. Don't confuse this material with cheaper, less durable metallic coated or blended fabrics that contain mostly polyester or bamboo fiber interwoven with a few strands of metal wire, that provide minimal Electromagnetic Shielding.
This material is durable and hard wearing, resists temperatures up to 1200 F. Can not be burned or melted without use of a welding torch or industrial incinerator.

This material was originally woven for use as filter medium for industrial chemical and powder processing because of the chemical and corrosion resistance of its all stainless steel construction. However, it was soon discovered that this material has an inherent ability to provide a very high degree of Electromagnetic shielding in UHF and Microwave bands. Physicists call this capability the faraday cage effect. Our 100% Stainless Steel Ultra Fine Fabric is thin, strong and flexible enough to be used as the outer layer of a wallet or pouch, or can be sewn between layers of traditional fabric to conceal its RFID shielding capability.

Another use for this material that is gaining popularity in Europe and Asia; is in maternity clothing and specifically in maternity dresses and work aprons. Several recent medical & scientific studies have suggested a link between Electromagnetic Radiation (Radio Waves and Electromagnetic Fields) and fetal damage and miscarriage.

Everyday, household electronic devices such as Microwave Ovens, Televisions, Vacuum Cleaners and Computers, especially Laptop Computers (because of the close proximity to the waist and body that these devices are typically used.) are very strong sources of Electromagnetic Radiation. Faulty home wiring as well as high voltage lines are also strong sources of Electromagnetic Radiation.

Our 100% Stainless steel fabric is thin and flexible enough to be sewn between layers of traditional fiber fabric, it is machine washable without special handling and is hypoallergenic.

However, it is suggested that the fabric be initially hand washed with hot water and regular household dish detergent before sewing into garments, in order to remove the slight residue of oil used during manufacturing.

Can be sewn by hand or with most home sewing machines. Can be cut with utility knife or sharp pair of fabric shears or scissors; blades may require re-sharpening after cutting this material unless they are Titanium coated. Not approved for food service use. Made in America.

Cut to order in One Yard increments. No refunds after order is cut. One Yard = 48 inches wide X 36 inches long (Approximately)

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Old Model number: FSS014

Search Terms / Also Called: stainless steel fabric, electromagnetic shielding fabric, rfid protection, maternity fabric

Product Information and Discounts

Product Name:
Stainless Steel Radio Signal Blocking Fabric

Roll Size:
33 Yards
( 29.7 m)

Base Shipping Weight:
2.00 lbs. / Yard
(0.9 kg / 90 cm)

Model Number:

Quantity Discounts / Wholesale Pricing:
1- 32 Yard0%
33- 65 Yard4%
66- 131 Yard5%
132- or more Yard6%

Product Specifications

  • No Minimum Order Quantity
  • Quantity Discounts are available
  • Products that are in stock in our warehouse can ship the same day.

Stainless Steel Radio Signal Blocking Fabric Colors

  • stainless steel

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