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Custom Made Cargo Nets and Webbing Nets

Our Online Interactive Design App allows you to design and visualize your own Cargo Nets / Webbing Nets

Custom Made Cargo Nets and Webbing Nets - Interactive Online Webbing Net Diagram Creator App ®2018 American Home & Habitat Inc.

Cargo Net / Webbing Net

Interactive Design & Order Form

Step 1 of 5  

Select the Webbing to Construct your Net from

Custom Manufactured Webbing Nets Overview of Products and Services:

Webbing Nets, also called Cargo Nets are used in many applications ranging from transportation to recreation equipment like indoor playgrounds. If the cargo net / webbing net needs to support loads over 100 lbs., we would suggest designing it using 2'' nylon webbing to provide extra strength. Also, cargo nets designed to be used in cargo applications should avoid the use of grommets, and instead opt for mounting loops whereby the net can be mounted directly on a steel cable or designated mounts with
Locking Carabiner Hooks, Steel (sold separately) or other hardware.

For the convenience of our customers and ease of ordering we offer this powerful, self-serve, online application which enables customers to design and visualize their own cargo nets and webbing nets by creating an interactive, scaled diagram of the net being designed, complete with measurement indications.

With this online app. You can easily design your own square and rectangular webbing nets of almost unlimited size, with choice of webbing width, type & color, independent select-ability of vertical and horizontal webb spacings, number of vertical and horizontal webbs, mounting options of either grommets or webbing loops, and the lay-flat size of the mounting loops (if selected), as well as the spacing between mounts (i.e. every single webb, every other webb, every third webb etc.)

If the webbing net that you need us to manufacture can not be designed with this app, you may contact us and request a formal price quote for a special order webbing net, however, you must provide a proper workable diagram. Phone and e-mail orders will not be accepted for custom or special order Cargo Nets / Webbing Nets unless customer provides their own workable drawing or diagram describing all other required dimensions, the width, color and type of webbing to be used, and the type of net mounting features.

We reserve the right to refuse to manufacture of any webbing net if the customer states to us verbally or in writing or electronically that they intend to use the net in a manner or application that is likely to cause personal injury, death or property damage. American Home & Habitat Inc. does not offer design, consultation or engineering services for webbing nets or cargo nets. Our staff and sales representatives have no engineering expertise and are unable to assist customers in the design or engineering of these webbing nets; we only produce webbing nets based on customer's stated designs and specifications.

Specifications for all webbing nets and their components, (especially actual webbing dye lot colors) may change or vary slightly with or without notice.

Directions for using this Interactive Design App:

Step 1 of 5:

Select Webbing width, webbing type, and webbing color to construct your net from.
Available webbing widths and types are:

1 inch Polypropylene (25mm)
1 1/2 inch Polypropylene (38mm)
2 inch Polypropylene (50mm)

1 inch Nylon (25mm),
1 1/2 inch Nylon (38mm)
2 inch Nylon(50mm)

Available Webbing colors:
Dependent on width and size of webbing selected.
For all sizes of Polypropylene Webbing the available colors are:

Polypropylene Webbing Colors with
Approximate Pantone® Color Equivalent

Webbing Color

Closest Pantone® color


Pantone: Black


Pantone: 7518C

Dark green

Pantone: 7729C


Pantone: Cool Grey 5C


Pantone: 534C


Pantone: 1505C

Pacific Blue

Pantone: 285C


Pantone: Red 032C


Pantone: White


Pantone: 3935C

Note: Your computer monitor, mobile device, or printer may not display these colors correctly.

1 inch (25mm) Nylon Webbing Colors with
Approximate Pantone® Color Equivalent

Webbing Color

Closest Pantone® color


Pantone: Black


Pantone: 7421C


Pantone: 4625C


Pantone: 7728C


Pantone: 534C

Neon Orange

Pantone: 171C


Pantone: 574C


Pantone: Warm Red C


Pantone: Violet C


Pantone: 485C

Royal blue

Pantone: 286C


Pantone: 401C


Pantone: White


Pantone: 115C

Note: Your computer monitor, mobile device, or printer may not display these colors correctly.

For 1 1/2 (38mm) and 2 inch (50mm) Nylon Webbing
Black only

The Next page of options listed below; will appear after you select your webbing type and click the "Submit" button.

Step 2 of 5:

Define the Dimensions of your net by selecting the number of vertical and horizontal webbs and their spacings. The actual dimensions of your webbing net will be calculated from these selections, in conjunction with the width of the webbing you selected in step 1 of 5. You can vary the size of the net by increasing or decreasing the spacing between webbs. This allows you to "fine tune" the size of the net, while also maintaining uniform spacing between webbs for aesthetic reasons. If your webbing net design calls for several different webb spacings you can not use this app, your design will need to be submitted as a special order webbing net, and must be submitted with your own diagram and description.

Select the number of Vertical Webs.
This number will be used to calculate the WIDTH of the net (in conjunction with the distance between webbing centers)

Select the number of Horizontal Webs.
This number will be used to calculate the LENGTH of the net (in conjunction with the distance between webbing centers)

Select Webbing Centers (Vertical and Horizontal are independently selectable)
This is the spacing (in inches) you want between the webbs, (As measured from the center of one webb, to the center of the next webb.) This distance can be used to "fine tune" the finished size of the net. Changing it by 1/2 inch can vary the size of the net by several inches.

Select the Mounting Options & spacing. Choices are:

Size & type: Size 4 Brass, Military Specification Spur Grommet with 1/2 inch (13mm) hole size

 from 1 inch (25mm) through 6 inches (150 mm) in length (measured laying flat)

Notes on Mounting options: Grommets are best suited to smaller, light duty webbing nets. Webbing loops are best for heavier loads.

There are 11 possible selections for spacing of the mountings around the sides and corners of the cargo net:
(listed in order of highest overall load capacity, to lowest overall load capacity)

1. Every 1 (all) webbs plus all corners
2. Every 2nd webb plus all corners
3. Every 3rd webb plus all corners
4. Every 4th webb plus all corners
5. Every 5th webb plus all corners
6. Every 6th webb plus all corners
7. Every 7th webb plus all corners
8. Every 8th webb plus all corners
9. Every 9th webb plus all corners
10. Every 10th webb plus all corners
11. All Corners only

Step 3 of 5:

Automatic Calculation of Net Dimensions and Creation of Scaled Graphic Diagram
of your Webbing net.

After selecting all of the options and features of your net, clicking on the "Calculate" button
will render a scale, color, graphic diagram illustrating how your net will look when it is completed.
This graphic illustration will be at the bottom of the page. (you may need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to view it)

Note: this diagram of your net may not display properly with the following web browsers: Microsoft® Internet Explorer (all versions) Microsoft® Edge (Release 41.16299)

You may change the selections in steps 2 and 3 as many times as you need to, and click the calculate button to render a new diagram until you are satisfied with the net you have designed.

Step 4 of 5:

Confirm Design of your Net and get a Printable Diagram of your net with a formal price quote.

When you click the "Confirm" button you will proceed to the final page of the design app where you can get a printable diagram of your net, select the quantity to order, and purchase your net.

Step 5 of 5:

Final Confirmation of your Cargo Net / Webbing Net Design and features.

Review the features you selected previously and select the quantity (how many identical nets of this design you wish to purchase). After you finish reviewing the selections and you do not wish to make any further changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Add To Cart" button to complete your purchase selection.

On this page you will be able to print a copy of your net diagram for your records by clicking the "Print This Diagram" button at the top of the page.

The printed diagram contains a formal price quote on page 2, that lists all the specifications of your net including the model number which is encoded with all the features for your net, and recording it allows you to easily re-order a duplicate of this net of the same size and specifications in the future. (Note: Specifications for all webbing nets and their components, (especially actual webbing dye lot colors) may change or vary slightly with or without notice.)

Note: The diagram displayed on this web page was formatted to fit the screen of your computer device. However, the actual print output will be automatically formatted to fit on 2 sheets of Standard, Letter Size (8.5" X 11") Paper (or PDF file).

Please also note that for best printing results; use Google Chrome Browser Version 62 or higher (release date: October 17, 2017).

FireFox Browser may also work, depending on version, operating system, and device it is installed on.

Note: Desktop Computer versions of all Microsoft® browsers released as of March, 2018,  including Internet Explorer® and Microsoft Edge® will not properly display or print these webbing net diagrams.

Production Notes:

Stretching and Shrinkage Notice:
Actual dimensions of finished webbing nets, may vary by up to 2.5 inches (64mm) for every 10 feet (300cm) of length & width due to shrinkage during stitching, and the addition of extra webbing length during manufacturing to compensate for this shrinkage; especially if constructed of Nylon webbing. The webbing net may eventually stretch by 2 inches (50mm) per 10 feet (300cm) of length / width after several months of regular use.

Legal Notices:
As this is a customer designed product; it is the sole responsibility of the customer to determine the proper design and features of  this cargo net / webbing net based on the customer's own intended use of this product. These nets are not suitable for use as a component of a life safety device, nor are they suitable to safely support human loads. All nets are sold "as is" with no certification of safety or load bearing capacity, with no warranty of any kind expressed or implied, and with no guarantee of fitness for any particular purpose. Manufacturer's Liability is limited to replacement of this product should it prove defective. Consult a licensed engineer if you intend to use this product in any manner that would cause property damage, personal injury, or death if this product were to fail or malfunction in any way. By purchasing this product you agree to these terms and conditions and agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and promise not to sue American Home & Habitat Inc., it's employees, agents, and representatives from any and all liabilities or claims made or arising as a result of any use of this product. Product / component specifications are subject to change with or without notice.

Interactive Online Webbing Net Diagram Creator App
© 2018 American Home & Habitat Inc.

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